Creating a memorable brand for your restaurant, can set your eatery apart. It will give it an unforgettable ambiance that guests will want to experience all over again.

A successful brand in F&B shows your guests and audience how clear you are regarding your business goals. It’s all about how you want to be presented.

1484 by Puro brand

F&B branding communicates your restaurant identity and characteristics. It expresses the mission and values, which will have a huge influence your ambience and main concept.

The brand should be tangible when entering the restaurant, seen within all elements. It should stay cohesive throughout your style of interior, service, cuisine and marketing collaterals.

1484 by Puro brand

It was such a great opportunity for us to create this amazing brand. Knowing that it will be the UAE’s highest restaurant located on top of Jebel Jais. From sketching, brainstorming and creative thinking. Our task was to create an elegant hospitality brand that fits the fine dining offerings for the ones who’d love to come for the spectacular view.

1484 by Puro is the latest addition to the F&B gastronomy by RAK Hospitality Holding. The name is inspired from its location on Jebel Jais mountain; being 1484 meters above the sea level.

The brand was inspired by Jebel Jais, it being one of the main attractions in the UAE. It has managed to become the main hub for all adventure seekers. The destination offers the unique Toroverde Zip-line and is introducing the world first Bear Grylls Explorers Camp in Ras Al Khaimah.

1484 by Puro brand

The logo is handcrafted with the consideration of the basic shapes. The 4’s are representing the peaks of the mountain and with its direction moving upwards, which gives it a sleek, elegant yet sets the tone of having a memorable look & feel.

Creating the concept of the restaurant and by having 1484 as a brand under Puro, hence we have included the fine border to host the whole brandmark under the one umbrella of the successful Puro restaurant.

The colour palette has been carefully determined to follow the same look & feel of its unique location.

1484 by Puro brand

The effort we have placed on for this brand and how it has been interpreted in each component is recognizable and appreciated by every guest visiting this one of kind restaurant.



Main components for a comprehensive Brand Guidelines:

  • Introduction
    • Brand Spirit
    • Brand Essence
    • Brand Values & Positioning
    • Tone of Voice
    • Mission & Vision
  • Brandmark Creation
  • The Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Graphic Device
  • Grid System
  • Stationery
  • Brand Applications